STAAKER 2000 © 13:12 23 Sep 10

I bought a cable to connect my laptop to run through the tv, everytime i plug the cable in to the tv the screen just goes blue and the tv wont even let me tune, can anyone help im running windows Vista and the make of laptop is Packard bell. Thanks a lot.

  woodchip 14:03 23 Sep 10

First AVG is a Anti-Virus program. So is the Socket on the Laptop VGA. If it is I am not sure if it will work connecting it to HDMI. Does your TV have a VGA socket like the Laptop? Plus using VGA limits you to watching DVD etc its no good as a Monitor For your Laptop, as Text would be rubbish to read.

On the other Hand If your Laptop as a DVI connection you can get a DVI to HDMI that will work like a monitor.

Having said all that, have you tried pressing fn key and on my Laptop f4 for external monitor

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