AVG Free - update problem?

  badgery 10:21 22 Jan 06

Anyone else having problems updating AVG Free?
Each time I try it tries to update but comes back with an error message and the 'counting down' box that usually appears after normal updates. Is this general, or just my computer?

  kevinjuan 10:25 22 Jan 06

I updated about 10 minutes ago with no trouble.

  Bagsey 10:28 22 Jan 06

I updated late last night (a big one) with no trouble at all.

  spuds 11:12 22 Jan 06

What I did notice the other day, was a large update, which I downloaded and was installed. I then re-checked for updates within minutes, and another update was available, which was also downloaded and installed.This as never happened before, so I suspect something is not all well with AVG at the moment.

  badgery 13:40 22 Jan 06

Thanks to all, I tried again just now and get a 'normal' message saying there are no new updates (I did get a large update a day or two ago), so looks like all is OK.

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