AVG Free Edition

  orangewhiteblue 12:39 28 Feb 05

The Internal Database is showing out of date.

I update regulaly (infact 10 mins ago) if I try and update again it tells me I have the latest update.

Task bar logo - Grey
Control Center - Internal Virus Database - Red

Please help, I feel naked!

  Yoda Knight 12:42 28 Feb 05

i fixed mine by manually downloading the update and then doing the update from the local source

  orangewhiteblue 12:52 28 Feb 05

I've just tried that but it still says I have the latest version.

  Yoda Knight 13:11 28 Feb 05

my problem was caused by changing my system time and date - u may want to check yours... ?
Else uninstall and re-install usualy cures most things ;)

  ACOLYTE 13:19 28 Feb 05

Mine is 266.51 was released yesterday but only got it this morning.

  orangewhiteblue 13:32 28 Feb 05

I've just tried re-installing and updating again (so I have the very latest update) and it's still showing the same.

Last night my subscription ran out for Zone Alarm Pro and I changed to the free edition. But it was fine yesterday when I made the change. Other than that I've not changed anything recently

  Stuartli 14:16 28 Feb 05

Have you double clicked on the Internal Virus Database (or its Properties when highlighted) and checked the status information and also the configuration?

Only Display Component should be checked.

  orangewhiteblue 14:22 28 Feb 05

I think I've found the problem - But not sure how to fix it!

I have the latest database released 27/2/05 however it is saying that it is 182 days old. That's not right, I've not slept that long!!

Is this my system date that needs adjusting?

If so how do I do that?

  orangewhiteblue 14:23 28 Feb 05

.... and what's caused it.

  orangewhiteblue 14:32 28 Feb 05

OK I'm an idiot!

I've been on nights thats my excuse!

I don't remember changing the date but hey, we are back working.

System Date, I ask you... ha

  Stuartli 15:12 28 Feb 05

About time you fixed the problem...:-)

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