AVG email scanner surprise

  keewaa 10:40 06 Dec 05

I recently install AVG after reinstallation of XP. It was the first thing I did. I then installed office 2003 and configured outlook 2003 for my email.

I noticed that the email scanner in AVG read "not installed" but assumed I was protected. I never tried to open any of the virus emails that arrived as they had attachments.

Then after a week I decide to look at this "email scanner not installed" and reinstalled AVG. This time the email scanner plugin loaded correctly and now the attachments on any virus emails get automatically quarantined and everything is 100%.

Is this initial problem a flaw in AVG, and would I have still been protected if i had tried to open any of the virus email attachemtn that came in initially? As AVG was all running (except from the email scanner), would AVG have blocked the attachments if I had tried to open them. If not, then surely this is a serious flaw in AVG (if it is installed before you set up your email).

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