AVG Complete Test seriously slows PC

  jonmac 08:46 03 May 07

Am I alone in having this problem. Each time AVG Free runs its complete test my PC slows down considerably to the point of being a real pest when I'm trying to work. My PC is a one year old Mesh with a 64 bit dual-core Athlon 4200 processor and 2 Gb RAM. Surely that should hardly flinch when carrying out such a task instead of slowing to a comparative crawl for the 55 minutes it takes to complete?

  jack 08:50 03 May 07

Just sit back and let it happen or cancel it and re-run at a more convenient time for you - when you are at lunch say.

  Technotiger 09:02 03 May 07

Hi, I also have a fairly high spec with 2Gb RAM etc, but I have my AVG scheduled to do a full check on a daily basis at 2.30am when I am fast asleep :-))

  Diemmess 09:04 03 May 07

Just my impression, but I seldom run a complete test these days.
AVG very very occasionally will flash up a warning, but can't remember the last time it did.
It is configured to auto update as and when, usually daily.

I do run a complete test when first installed, and occasionally Spybot and AdAware which find the odd intruder.
I think AVG is good enough to play the sentinal in the background without seeming to collar system rescources.

  jonmac 09:10 03 May 07

Thanks for the response guys. 2.30 am is out because I don't leave the PC on all night but mealtime is more practical, although I minimise food breaks to 15 mins or so. But the question still remains, why should such a high spec. PC be partially crippled in this way? I thought dual-core gave the ability to cope easily with with multiple tasks and I don't see virus checking as being a big job requiring so much processing power as to have a noticeable effect on other tasks.

  jonmac 09:17 03 May 07

Just noticed your post Diemness. I was under the impression that you couldn't cancel the daily complete check in the free version but I just had a look again and realise now that you can as you say.
Problem solved! I'll still do it manually but when it suits me.
Thank you very much indeed

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