AVG can not remove virus

  brian132 20:56 06 Jul 03

I use XP and yesterday ran the AVG anti-virus test . It produced 1 virus found - Trojan horse dropper . delf and advised to me to MOVE TO VIRUS FAULT in order to remove it.So I did this but a window appeared telling me that AVG could not remove remove the virus fault which is in C:\ System blah di blah di blah, etc. What am I to do? Can I safely ignore it or how can I remove it ? I would be glad of help. Thank you.

  Eastender 20:58 06 Jul 03

The blah di blah probably indicates that it's in the System Restore folder which you will have to disable then try again.

  Jester2K II 20:59 06 Jul 03

Nice and helpful description...

Not C:\ System Restore (or something like that??)

Disable System restore. Reboot. Re-enable System Restore. (Right Click My Computer, Properties, System Restore Tab)

basically XP has backed up the virus in a Protected folder that AVG can't touch!!!

  Ironman556 21:03 06 Jul 03

click here for a good online virus scan, it's picked up some tings on my PC AVG has missed.

  Eastender 21:03 06 Jul 03

Disable System Restore:-

click here

  brian132 21:06 06 Jul 03

How do I disable this file?

  Jester2K II 21:06 06 Jul 03


  Jester2K II 21:09 06 Jul 03

YOU NEED TO DISABLE SYSTEM RSTORE AS THIS FILE IS TRAPPED IN A FOLDER PROTECTED BY WINDOWS XP. Follow the instructions above and next time please submit the full message and not just BLAH BLAH BLAH...

  wee eddie 21:17 06 Jul 03

The thing to do is to Copy and then Past whatever detail you want into here.

It is almost impossible to produce any help without an accurate description of the problem.

Minimise your PCA connection, and see if you can get that instruction again. Then highlight it and past it into another response on this thread here

  wee eddie 21:18 06 Jul 03

maybe I'm paste it.

  brian132 21:19 06 Jul 03

Apologies for the blah di blah di blah. Have noted the correct procedure.

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