AVG Boot Sector Read Error with version 7.1

  Batch 11:42 26 Oct 05

Since downloading the AVG version update (7.1) over the weekend, disk scans report a read error on the boot sector (previous logs from earlier scans show status of OK). Have tried this on 2 machines, both run WinME and report same problem.

Does anyone else get the same? Especially with different OS?

  PaulB2005 11:43 26 Oct 05

Seen this on 2 machines. Still not got to the bottom of it.

  Batch 12:05 26 Oct 05

PaulB2005 - it would be useful to know what OS you have seen this problem occur with (i.e. is it limitd to WinME as I have seen it or .......(

  PaulB2005 12:12 26 Oct 05

Hmm. Just checked a Windows 98 and it was fine. Will just double check the Me laptop...

  PaulB2005 12:14 26 Oct 05

Reading error.

  Batch 12:20 26 Oct 05

I've posted this on the AVG Free Forum, so will see if any news from there.

  scales 19:25 26 Oct 05

I use ME and I noticed this a couple of days ago. I have tried scandisks and reinstalling recent software to see if that made any difference but with no luck. Now I know it isn't just me but ME, so thanks for the thread.

  Batch 08:13 27 Oct 05

AVG are aware of the problem and are "working on it". Symptoms exist in Win98SE as well.

There are some other probs with 98/ME. E.g. focus not being given to appropriate windows - they remain hidden behind other windows. For example, in Control Center click on About AVG Free (under Information menu) and nothing appears, but if you then click in the main window, the About box appears. This "feature" manifests itself with various other windows in AVG as well. Again, Grisoft are aware.

  PaulB2005 09:07 27 Oct 05

Got a Me PC here that doesn't show the problem.

AVG FRee 7.1 fully up to date.

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