AVG Antivirus Free prog

  Meshuga 18:30 01 Jan 07

Does the free version of AVG Antivirus scan incoming mail via OE. Can I download it and save it before installing it so that I can remove Norton AV first? My os is xphome.Thank you.

  Simsy 18:34 01 Jan 07

and Yes.



  Jimmy14 18:35 01 Jan 07

Can I ask why you want to uninstall Norton?

  spuds 18:39 01 Jan 07

Norton: Not free and uses to many resources!!.

  Jimmy14 18:40 01 Jan 07

I don't want to hijack someone elses intended thread but what I will say is try the new Norton Internet Security 2007 and see if you will still be saying that it takes up too many reources.

  ed-0 18:42 01 Jan 07

Who in their right mind would want to pay for Norton?

  Strawballs 18:48 01 Jan 07

If you re going to remove Norton in favour of AVG then you will need to use this click here= to remove it.

  Jimmy14 18:48 01 Jan 07

I will say it again, I do not want to hijack someone elses intended thread as it is not on why would someone buy Norton. I would be happy to answer your question in a seperate thread.

  ed-0 18:56 01 Jan 07

Then set up a seperate thread on the merits of norton 2007.

On all the laptops and desktops I have setup, It has always been the first thing I have deleted.

Sorry Meshuga

  skidzy 18:59 01 Jan 07

As Simsy says,perfectly ok.

Hi Ed-0

Jimmy14,we have been down this road many times regarding Norton.As most will know,you are the Norton diehard...thats your preference.
However,only yesterday i removed the IS2007 from a system and the owners could not believe the response there system now has while running AVG free ZA firewall.
Admittingly,i did clean up a few other things also.Im not getting into this debate again,but can totally understand why Meshuga would prefer Norton off there system.

  p;3 18:59 01 Jan 07

click here goes to the avg 7.5 which is the newest version; you can download the exe to your downloads folder for later use (that is what I do)

Jimmy14; I would hope that you caN respect the fact that some(many ) of us (me included) do NOT like the norton for many reasons ; we know that you do and that is your choice; can you not respect that fact and not seek to criticise anyone who does not share your apparent thrill and approval of norton?

( I am at present involved with yet another computer than seems to have come acropper due to the Norton )

(of interest, why not check with the FE and have your own separate thread in the speakers corner ON the norton?)

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