TRICKY 18:57 11 Jul 04

I have at last decided to try AVG, I have followed the instructions. Got my emails. Downloaded it, but when I try sep up I get a 16 bit Windows Subsystem error message...saying:
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-Dos and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose "Close" to terminate the application. It gives an option to Ignore, but this dosnt work either. I am using Windows XP Home Edition. But surely this cant be the problem? Any ideas please. (Hope this is not a silly question)

  jimv7 19:18 11 Jul 04

1. make sure that all previous anti virus has been uninstalled.

2. download v clean fron grisoft.com and run that.

3. if it still will not install, save your wanted files and folders, format c and reinstall a clean windows o/s, as your installation is corrupt.

  hodder 19:23 11 Jul 04

This is not a silly question, I am running win xp home and AVG ( free edition). I do not have this problem, but this has at least bumped this question up, if not answered the problem.

Regards, Bob.

  shizzy 19:53 11 Jul 04

Don't uninstall and go online. Try a new download of AVG and get rid of old antivirus (or disable) before installing AVG.

  TRICKY 09:55 14 Jul 04

Thanks guys. I have tried all above, nothing seems to cure it. Hope I dont have to go for a reformat. Still get the Error box on setting up AVG

  Big Elf 10:24 14 Jul 04

Does this MS article help click here

  Stuartli 10:50 14 Jul 04

I have Windows XP Pro and use the free version of AVG6 without any problems - the download I used was:


on November 28th last year.

To update I just click on the Taskbar icon, select Update Manager tab and then Update Now.

If there are any updates these are downloaded, installed automatically and the main AVG panel opens after clicking on the OK button.

I then close down the main panel and it's over for another 24 hours or so - even with dialup only takes a minute or so...:-)

  TRICKY 12:59 14 Jul 04

Aaaaagh Thanks for all the help. Still struggling

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