AVG Anti-Virus

  Dorkins 08:05 03 May 07

How can i stop AVG Anti-Virus from running? Think i may have asked this question before but can't find out. Thanks

  tullie 08:10 03 May 07

May i ask why you ant to stop your protection?

  Dorkins 08:12 03 May 07

Hiya tullie, i don't want to stop the protection i just want the option when to run the program and scan my computer is all

  Technotiger 08:15 03 May 07

Hi, one should Never stop their anti-virus from running, otherwise you are leaving your pc wide open to attack by hundreds of nasties!!!

  Technotiger 08:19 03 May 07

I would advise you to schedule your AVG to run automatic checks at an off-peak time on a daily level. That is how mine is set, then you can just set it and forget it.

  Dorkins 08:49 03 May 07

Alright thanks tullie and Technotiger

  candun 09:18 03 May 07

You probably don't have the 'reschedule' option in this edition,it may only be available in AVG Pro.

  Technotiger 09:30 03 May 07

I use the Free edition, and have scheduled tests.

  birdface 09:52 03 May 07

Hi if you want to stop it running at start up, Go to,Scheduler.Scheduled tasks at bottom, Highlight test plan in basic mode,Edit schedule, And untick Periodically start scheduled Anti-Virus test, Ok

  birdface 10:00 03 May 07

I should have added ,Go to Avg control center,And then do the rest,I agree with you,Run the Avg when you want to,

  candun 10:11 03 May 07

After major repairs I re-installed AVG Free 7.5 in February 2007 and this version doesn't appear to allow rescheduling, (It has a link to 'Buy Pro')so it conducts a full system scan every morning, this could take up to 90 mins and is probably the problem that Dorkins describes. I may have downloaded a spurious edition, it's not impossible, and will re-install if this is the case.

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