Is AVG 9 Free now OK or do I need to change?

  six-h 19:34 22 Nov 09

Is Ver 9 still the gluepot that it started out as, 'cos Im off on holiday Dec 7th and need to be sure my lappy's protected when using hotspots.

On my main PC I can probably put up with it and find another AV at my leasure, but will be sad to see AVG go.

  Technotiger 20:56 22 Nov 09

AVG9 is still free, but very hard to find on the AVG site, I think they want everyone to upgrade to the paid-for version.

I, and I know of several others, have got rid of AVG (after many years use), and downloaded and installed the fairly recent Microsoft Security Essentials.

I am very happy with MSE, it does more than the free AVG.

  six-h 21:40 22 Nov 09

Technotiger, I've not heard much about MSE, good or bad but I feel it SHOULD have the advantage over others since it's from the authors of the OS.
Err...then again, there is the Defender experience! lol
I'm wanting to protect my old lappy running XP, and can ill afford to employ an AV that hogs resources.
You say it does more than AVG, how?

  Eargasm 21:42 22 Nov 09

AVG9 Free version can be downloaded from click here
i'm still using 8.5 for the moment, but am considering MSE.

  woodchip 21:52 22 Nov 09

Free Avast is a safer AV

  peter99co 21:54 22 Nov 09

I have installed MSE on Vista and found that Defender has been turned off. I did not turn it off. I went to uninstall it and it is not in the Add/Remove list. I went to CCleaner and it is not there either.

I have MSE on an XP setup and Defender is OK.
I wonder if it is really needed.

  birdface 21:58 22 Nov 09

As far as I know MSE automatically switches Windows Defender of as it is no longer needed.

  Mister M 22:04 22 Nov 09

Does MSE work if using Firefox as opposed to IE?

  six-h 22:04 22 Nov 09

peter99co on my XP machine, 64% of cpu resources were used to allow Defender to chase round sniffing at AVG's bottom, so I had it put down!
woodchip; that's my other option, though I'm not sure I could familiarise myself with it.
All I do with AVG is occasionally delete all but the last months entries in the virus vault!

Security progs are a mystery to me, I've given up using A squared because I don't understand how to use it, and the efforts of "Lynx" in the A2 forum to educate me (bless him!) have scared me off it completely!!

  Technotiger 22:07 22 Nov 09

Anti-Spyware as well as Anti-Virus, with Real-time protection.

First time I ran the scan it found one virus and one Trojan not reported by AVG. Dealt with both immediately.

Anyway, I am satisfied it is doing its job.

  woodchip 22:16 22 Nov 09

he Net must be getting bad as its the first time I have had any problems, but this week I first got a popup from Avast that had a Worm in the Recycler, I later run Mbam and it found a Rootkit both was removed without any more problems. These are the first things I Have ever had from 1995 free of Virus's

Avast Self updates sometimes twice a day and only run it now and again, it was the bit that checks for activity that found the worm forgot the name of the component in the av but it watches for behaviour of the computer that should not be there.

Its very easy to run and can be set to do a scan any time you want it to

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