AVG 9 Firewall

  donki 20:46 02 Dec 09

Does anyone have problems with AVG 9 blocking things it shouldnt i.e Java chat, iPhone remote? Its got to the point where I have tried everyway to allow them through unsuccessfully that I have disabled the AVGs firewall and just enabled WIN7's. Will this give me suffient protection or should I switch to a different free program?

  grey george 21:14 02 Dec 09

I switched to Microsoft security essentials a few months ago and now use it on all my machines at home and at work. I use it with comodo firewall and zone alarm on different set ups, AVG really seem to fallen by the way side from a usability point of view.

  donki 22:06 02 Dec 09

Thanks I have binned AVG and went with MS, do i really need Zone Alarm or is the Win Firewall good enough?

  grey george 20:21 03 Dec 09

Many say the windows firewall is good enough. If your just using the machine for general browseing or games I'd agree. If I was using it for financial transactions I would go for the belt and braces approach.

  peter99co 20:34 03 Dec 09

If you operate though a router some have double firewalls I understand.

  stlucia 08:01 04 Dec 09

I've had AVG 9 for a few weeks now (with XP) and it's performed just like it always has -- i.e. quietly, in the background, with a scheduled scan every day.

My firewall is Comodo.

  donki 10:19 04 Dec 09

I agree with you totally, I had AVG on XP for nearly 5 years and loved it but it was interferring with too many of my programs on WIN 7. I did try online tutorials to try and allow them but to be honest I couldnt be bothered.

Thanks guys for all your help, I have a router on my firwall also so I think I will go with what I have at the minute. I have also noticed my internet alot more responsive than it was when gaurded by AVG.

  birdface 10:35 04 Dec 09

I had the trial version of AVG security Suite and I could not get on very well with the Firewall at all.
I ended up turning the Firewall off and using windows Firewall.
When the months trial was up I removed it completely.
I have now downloaded AVG Pro and using that with no problems on Windows7.

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