AVG 8 updates

  Pamy 16:14 29 May 08

hello everyone, is anyone getting updates to AVG 8 like they used to with 7.5? (almost daily)

I have not seen any like I used to, but 8 always says I'm up to date.

  Halmer 16:21 29 May 08

every day as far as I can remember.

  Pamy 16:29 29 May 08

Hi Halmer, not sure what you mean would you explain please. I used to updates to the data base nearly every dat with 7.5, but I have not had any with 8.0, but when I check it always says it's up to date.

  Pamy 16:36 29 May 08

used to updates = used to have updates
every dat = every day

  n4165si 16:40 29 May 08

I get the same as you,we don't seem to get the regular update panel as in the 7.5 version,but it states that the updates are up to date on a daily basis for the 8 version

  Pamy 16:44 29 May 08

Hi n4165si, yes thats what I mean, perhaps I did not get the write wording, but you have understood correctly.

  Halmer 16:51 29 May 08

I've got mine to check daily but sometimes I do a manual check also.

Many days when I do a manual check it tells me that none are available which concurs with your first post I think.

Just did a manual check by the way and there is a new update!

  Halmer 16:56 29 May 08

Advanced Settings/Schedules/Virus Database Update Scheddule and you can tinker with the settings such as checking upon startup.

  Pamy 16:56 29 May 08

Thanks Halmer, I have just done manual update , but again it says no updates available. I will assume for now that all is well and keep my eye on it

  ribo 16:58 29 May 08

If you open AVG and click "History" and then event History log, you can check when AVG has done an update. You can in the Pro edition anyway. J

  Halmer 16:59 29 May 08

269.24.3/1472 if you need to check at Overview/Update Manager.

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