AVG 8 Search shield

  muddypaws 21:49 02 May 08

Can anyone tell me what the icon is that is supposed to be displayed alongside the search links in Google. Mine is turned on, but nothing shows.
I installed 8 two days ago so a browser restart has obviously taken place.

  Halmer 22:12 02 May 08

then it changes to a white tick on a green background.

  birdface 00:22 03 May 08

I think it is the Link Scanner that you are talking about.If it is a good link a white tick on a green background shows.Different colors for bad sites.

  muddypaws 08:48 03 May 08

Halmer/ buteman

I thought it may have been clashing with McAfee site advisor that has the green tick so un-installed that one. But still nothing in IE7/ Google from AVG.
Have put McA back.

  birdface 09:52 03 May 08

On your AVG quick start Icon does it show red or is it clear.Ive actually turned my link scanner off.As there is a bit of a clash with McAfee, McAfee will tell you it's a bad site and Avg says its a good site and vice versa.Also AVG takes to long to work out if its a bad site or not with all the circles turning over all the time until it finds out.I find it uses up your CPU and also makes McAfee S/A do the same so a bit of a clash between the two of them.Now what one is gives the best protection I do not know.But I will stick with the one that I know.No idea why it is not working on your computer unless maybe your Firewall is preventing it from running.

  Batch 09:53 09 May 08

I turned off the AVG Link Scanner (disabled the IE plugin - couldn't find any other way to do it).

Not only is it hogging CPU, but also b/band bandwidth. The time Site Advisor takes to download info. is negligible, but I can see that Link Scanner is downloading for many many seconds after the Google page has loaded.

  Batch 09:55 09 May 08

Spoke too soon - found an option in AVG!

  Batch 09:58 09 May 08

Ah! but that now means that AVG gives me a warning that something is in a fault state. So back to disabling the IE plugin.

  birdface 10:41 09 May 08

Hi.Try Tools Advanced settings in AVG.Right click link scanner and make sure AVG search shield is enabled.Apply ok. see if that works.

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