AVG 7.5 Update message

  hawthorn59 13:49 27 May 08


My AVG 7.5 icon has "greyed out" at the bottom of the screen. When I click on it, it opens with this message

Anti Virus internal Database is out of Date

so I click update (even though it downloads updates daily) and then it tells me

Your AVG Free programme already has the latest update installed.

And its back to square one. This has happened a few times, and I cant get any further!


  Halmer 14:21 27 May 08

so you will need to download the new version 8 at click here

  woodchip 14:23 27 May 08

No more updates for AVG 7.5, Download Version 8 Free edition to Desktop Uninstall version 7.5 from Add Remove Programs the double click the Version 8 to load it

  Daiol 14:36 27 May 08

AVG 7.5 Working fine with me today scan and updates all working fine,X fingers.daiol

  stlucia 19:44 27 May 08

Same with me; AVG 7.5 updated as normal just now.

Sounds like you probably need to reinstall AVG.

  skidzy 19:56 27 May 08

7.5 support will end at the end of the month,it maybe that your computer needs a reboot.

For what its worth,you should have prompted to upgrade to version 8 as pointed above,most of us have done so with no real ill effects.

No need to uninstall your current version as this upgade will uninstall your current version.

Or just download from here to reduce any confusion over the paid or free version thats seems to cause a few worries click here

  hawthorn59 04:59 28 May 08

Well actually yes I was prompted to download version 8, so maybe thats the best solution.

I have already re installed 7.5 because of previous update problems.


  floridapctutor 05:07 28 May 08

To read it click here

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