AVG 7.1 plus Firewall not recognised

  TFC 23:12 24 Dec 05

Hi all,

I have just installed AVG 7.1 plus Firewall TRIAL edition. Alll appeared to go well except for the fact that Windows XP Pro sp2 fully updated does not recognise either AV or firewall. The XP security centre states that both are turned off. XP firewall was on before the installation of AVG so I guess AVG turned it off.
I would really like to use this program as Norton has fouled up for the last time. However I have to solve this problem before I purchase the full program.

Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas

  Strawballs 23:15 24 Dec 05

You mentioned the N word have you managed to get rid of it or it could be causing conflicts. click here

  TFC 23:28 24 Dec 05

Thanks for the quick reply,

Sorry I should have added that I have used SymNRT and checked with regedit that all traces of "N" are gone...
I have tried several installs of AVG with full clear outs and reboots in between. I have also redownloaded the trial just incase that was at fault.

  freaky 12:05 25 Dec 05

I will bump this topic as I am thinking of dumping Norton !

  Fingees 12:23 25 Dec 05

I use AVG (Free Version) Anti virus, but I prefer to use Zone alarm.(free version ) firewall.

Whilst one shouldn't use more than one anti virus progs, you can use more than one firewall, and antispyware with no problem.

Sorry I can't help with original problem.

All the best.

  ^wave^ 12:34 25 Dec 05

both should i work i use za and avg both free and both are on in security centre have you tried turning on the firewall and av

  freaky 12:39 25 Dec 05

Have you tried the AVG Website to see if there are any hints regarding this problem - could be that Symantec have deliberately stopped AVG installing properly in order to retain your custom!

  TFC 13:36 25 Dec 05

Thanks for the replies,

I have searched the AVG forums, it seems to be accepted that this is a problem with the XP security centre and that it should just be ignored. The advice is turn off the alerts and trust AVG.

Well no thanks, I sort of like things to work properly. I am trying out various other AV programs now, strangely enough XP security centre sees them without a problem, methinks the problem is with AVG.

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