avg 6 free version wont take code

  cmeis 10:08 14 Apr 04

Had avg 6 free on my previous computer and always worked fine, however i cannot seem to get it onto my new computer.
I have installed from free disc, got code from web but get invalid code message.
Have tried downloading free version direct from grisoft web site, again got code from web and again got invalid code message.
Have deleted and re downloaded 3x from web site but always get same invalid code message.
anyone got any ideas.

  poogles_uk 10:21 14 Apr 04

Try 'AVG-1-12677868-BIP' its mine and it works for me

  anon1 10:53 14 Apr 04

I bet it does work, but you have to be absolutely accurate when you type it in making sure the case is the same and that you get all the dashes in the right place. It is very easy to get it wrong and that is not your fault.

  johnnyrocker 10:55 14 Apr 04

copy/paste it


  poogles_uk 11:00 14 Apr 04

You can use mine if you need, im haven't payed for it

  pj123 11:53 14 Apr 04

Just downloaded AVG and today's number appears to be AVG-1-13364161-SVT This number appears to have been the same for the past 2 weeks. Give it a try. Make sure you have caps lock on when typing it in.

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