Doberman 11:07 09 Sep 10

I have just installed an upgrade to my AVG program following an online prompt.I now cannot launch programs via the desktop icons.However if I shut down and reboot I can, but only once.I cannot launch IE at all unless I go to all programs and click on the IE 64 bit program.Ideally I think I should remove the upgrade.How would I do this please?

  MAJ 11:24 09 Sep 10

Do a System restore to a date prior to installing the update.

  birdface 12:53 09 Sep 10

Maybe we should have given a warning to AVG Users.

This from another thread.

click here

And to all of use that use AVG best refusing this download.

  Doberman 08:58 24 Sep 10

My son in law did some adjustments and everything seems to be working ok now so hopefully the upgrade was genuine.Thanks to responders

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