chrissy1 22:43 06 Apr 09

friend on 02....quite a few times when he tries to view some web pages or get into his email gets the message saying unable to display page.....windows firewall is on but would it have anything to do with the free avg8 thats installed?....

  FatboySlim71 23:26 06 Apr 09

It could be that the page has timed out (basically took too long to load, that is causing the "unable to display page" message). Does this happen on the same website or does it happen randomly on different websites?

I can't say for certain about AVG 8, but it might be an idea if he could temporarily disable AVG 8, and then see if he has the same problem.

  wee eddie 01:22 07 Apr 09

Some questions: What kind of connection is he using: Broadband or Dial up, wireless or router, XP or Vista.

Is there another Anti Virus on the PC (even if it came free and he has never used it)? If so it will have to be Uninstalled. Most AV's require a special "Tool" to Uninstall. Usually available on their website.

That's enough for starters. Will come back with more when we know the answers.

  birdface 12:05 07 Apr 09

Maybe try Firefox until your friend gets it sorted.
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