ste_bla 15:21 05 Jan 05

Last two days there has been two updates for AVG Free Edition however everytime i try and download it, it says server error! andyone else had this problem?

  Cal 15:24 05 Jan 05

Yes lots of people just keep trying and hopefully you'll get there in the end.
it took me more than a day.

  SANTOS7 15:25 05 Jan 05

Had a similar prob few days ago just put it down to the update server being busy (not surprised AVG popular piece of kit) tried a bit later in day worked fine..........

  Cal 15:25 05 Jan 05

Failing that you could always go to AVG and update manually.

  Cal 15:27 05 Jan 05

try here

click here

  ste_bla 16:08 05 Jan 05

how do i select avg to update from local file?

  goff2 17:15 05 Jan 05

i have the same problem as you. I downloaded the file direct but my Windows 98 cannot open the file, so I deleted it. I will just wait and maybe the server will finally be available when most people have updated.

  Miss Happy 17:44 05 Jan 05

I have just dowloaded direct from the update button in AVG7 and it dowloaded after a short pause and then received the usual (when working correctly) pop-up screen showing the 3 sets of files it was about to install, pressed ok and all went ok. I had been trying for ages with strange messages saying I had not config. update/ server settings properly. Earlier tried directly from site, as goff2 had, that would not work.
If at first...try, try again,

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 17:52 05 Jan 05

Please also note click here

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