AvenueA.Inc problem with PCA

  birdface 18:59 17 Feb 09

Hi.Just in case some of you have or had problems logging on to PCA to-day.
I Had a quick look around to see if I could find the problem.
Opened SpywareBlaster and noticed one thing was disabled,it was AvenueA.Inc which I believe is a cookie,So I reticked it and tried Pca again and it opened straight away.
I have no idea how it got unticked as I usually check every day.And I have no Idea why it should have stopped access to Pca.
Just thought that I would post this in case someone else gets the same problem.

  birdface 10:21 18 Feb 09

Looks like I was the only one that had this problem.Not sure how anything managed to get through my security programs to disable it in SpywareBlaster.But will now class as resolved.

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