Avast version 8 (latest version)

  hiwatt 11 Mar 13

Hi folks, has anyone been using the latest version of avast(version 8)without any problems?I was going to install it as I'm still on 7.0.1474 but I've read that some folk have been experiencing problems with this latest version? I just wanted to get as much advice as possible before installing it?Thanks folks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Mar 13

Been using OK for a while now

  spuds 11 Mar 13

The only thing that I have noticed is the 'updater', which keeps reminding me that I should download. After download there's a reboot required, then the reminder seems to appear again. Just keeping my eye on it at present?.

  hiwatt 11 Mar 13

Thanks folks.I I think I'll just stay with version 7 for the meantime then and see how it pans out!

  woodchip 11 Mar 13

Its updated all my Xp PC's. No problems at all

  Zurdo 12 Mar 13

Had no problems on 2 machines but on my wife's computer it froze on the registration screen. Ended up uninstalling all via revo and installing MS essentials on it.

  Taff™ 12 Mar 13

No problems with Avast at all. It seems to me they have moved up a gear. Extra features with no hidden extras - unlike AVG.

By the way, have you actually noticed how cheap the Pro version is? You can opt for a 20 day trial of it but I've seen it offered at less than £20 as well.

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 13 Mar 13

You'd have no problems with Avast if... 1) if you'd have Avast as the only AntiVirus on your PC, having 2 or 3 different ones can cause them to conflict so uninstall the other one(s) before going ahead with the installation. 2) if you'd have no bad or broken sectors on your hard drive (google "hard drive broken sectors" for a few articles on the issue). A friend of mine had a quoter of his HDD damaged and parts of Avast happened to install on some of them aaaand...he had problems with it ever after, nightmare'ish ones)))

Other than that, you're good to go, Avast is reliable and trusted by millions. Good luck.

  rdave13 13 Mar 13

AVG for me on Windows 8. Used Avast for years until recently.

  hiwatt 13 Mar 13

Well I installed version 8 and I must say that I preferred the layout of version 7.Also it wont let me register it.Just keeps saying retrieving information.

  spuds 13 Mar 13

Did you do a 'clean' install for 8 or did you over-ride 7 with the new install?.


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