Avast v Iobit

  dogbreath1 16:47 13 Jun 08

Any of you getting a conflict here? Avast won't let Iobit WindowsCare 3 launch, flagging it up as a trojan.


  pj123 16:49 13 Jun 08

Not getting any problems on my PC which is XP SP2 with WC3 and Avast.

  sunny staines 17:12 13 Jun 08

a lot are getting a conflict with avast, the latest update seems to give a false positive with avast

  pj123 17:44 13 Jun 08

Spoke too soon. Just updated Avast and now getting the same problem Windows Care 3 won't launch at all.

Uninstalled it and tried to re-install but not good. I am running comodo firewall and had to click on OK at least 32 times whilst installing WC3.

Not very happy with Comodo Firewall or Avast anti virus.

Recommend me some others?

  dogbreath1 19:07 13 Jun 08

My daughter's PC (XP SP2) has just had the same conflict.

  cocteau48 19:16 13 Jun 08


AWC3 beta2.5
Firewall: Zonealarm
AV: AVG Free 8.00

No conflicts at all.

Everything works and updates OK - (you just have to live with the ActiveX compatibility warnings which AVG throws up.)

nod dismembers it also:O

  Stephen Rogers 19:19 13 Jun 08

I've just got a bit burnt using Advanced Windows Care2,
click here
so until I calm down a bit I'm inclined to cheer on any program which stops it!

apparently it's because of the 'security feature' that scans a lot and calls home, and remeber it's a beta.
a good alternative click here if you can live without the 'security feature'

  sunny staines 08:36 14 Jun 08

it only seems to be AVAST that is reporting a false positive or playing up.

  spuds 11:48 14 Jun 08

Perhaps worth a mention!.

Had a Avast/Iobit problem yesterday with a trojan win32:delf-KMP on Iobit SmartDefrag. Apparently (checking other forums) this is a false-positive. Put it in the chest as recommended by Avast, and alls well!.

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