avast uninturrupted scans?

  ste76 18:06 26 Apr 08

i dislike having to babysit avast everytime i run a scan incase that american chappie comes on and says: "caution! a virus has been detected!"
is there a way around this so i can go do something else while it runs?

  bluto1 18:27 26 Apr 08

I've never known the American guy announce a virus. The only time one was found on my PC by Avast I think the programme generated a harsh sound which did get my attention. Nowadays I just leave it running for an hour or so and if I've something to do elsewhere I go and do it, on the basis that if something is found it'll still be there when I get back

  ste76 18:39 26 Apr 08

I can't remember if it was that american bloke now, or that harsh sound, but in any case, it stops scanning if it finds a virus, and waits for you to tell it what to do. I'd prefer if it just scanned right to the end and then ask ya.

  rdave13 18:43 26 Apr 08

Don't think that's possible as once it finds a virus the PC is compromised and it needs the operator's input to disable or remove the virus. Not worth having an Antivirus program if you can ignore a virus and just carry on.

  ste76 18:45 26 Apr 08

but some antivirues automatically move whatever it finds to the virus chest. that's what i'd like avast to do, but it just doesn't seem to have that option.

  rdave13 18:52 26 Apr 08

Can't say about automatically quarantining a virus as I've never come across it.

  ste76 18:56 26 Apr 08

hmm, ok. just seems pretty daft not having this option in such a good antivirus like avast.

  rdave13 19:06 26 Apr 08

Mind you on the rare occations this voice booms out "CAUTION! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED!" and the trefoil pop-up springs out at you while you're quietly surfing does tend to raise me a few inches from the seat..:)

  ste76 19:18 26 Apr 08

scared the heck out of me a couple of times an all :)

  Stuartli 21:30 26 Apr 08

IIRC the spoken warning is given when you are actually on-line.

  ste76 15:41 27 Apr 08

yeah i think you do recall correctly.

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