Avast Problem

  Guardianangel 11:37 11 Aug 10

I've had Avast for a few years and it used to update, automatically, very quickly but, since the new version with the orange logo, which uploaded itself with no mention of uninstalling previous versions, it now takes up to half an hour to update.

I thought I'd found a solution which was to uninstall, using a removal tool, and re-install which I did. However, the problem of slowness still existed and when I went to do a system restore I was told it could not be restored from any date previous to the re-install of Avast.

Today I tried to do a defrag and was stopped half-way through with an error message and it had to shut-down. Something to do with an installation not being carried out correctly.

It survived the error on start-up. Could the Avast re-installation have caused this and, if so, what should I do next?

  tullie 11:41 11 Aug 10

Dont know the answer,but mine updates automatic,and informs me when its done,it seems quick enough but dont know as i dont know when it starts.

  keef66 12:16 11 Aug 10

We have the blue one on the laptop and it updates itself quickly every evening. Just done a clean reinstall on the desktop, and when downloading Avast, noticed I'd got the red one. Not seen any red "virus database updated" messages yet. I'll check it's settings tonite.

  961 12:35 11 Aug 10

Refer to Avast support/forum for help

Is the previous version still on the machine?

  michaelw 12:42 11 Aug 10

Did you reboot after uninstalling. My orange one's ok but I recall having to clean uninstall the previous version. I tried installing newer one over itself but then had probs.

  961 12:50 11 Aug 10

One idea would be to uninstall using uninstall tool and then use CCleaner or similar to ensure all Avast has gone. Reboot and install new version

  Guardianangel 13:08 11 Aug 10

Thank you. I did infact get the advice from the Avast Forum in the first place. I did re- boot, twice, after uninstalling.

On looking I can only see Avast 5 in programs. I now think that I may need more RAM. I only have 256MB.

  canarieslover 14:39 11 Aug 10

I know my version 5 updates as a female voice now informs me that it has. My wife wondered who I was talking to!!!!

  Guardianangel 15:30 11 Aug 10

That doesn't address my problem though. I preferred the male voice :)

  Graphicool1 15:46 11 Aug 10

I had a similar problem to this, where it wouldn't/couldn't update the virus definitions. After uninstalling re-installing a couple of times to no avail. I realised that it was my fault as I'd installed the paid for version by mistake.

If you right click on the icon on the right of your 'Task Bar' and click 'Open Avast! User Interface' When the page opens does it say...
'Avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS' across the top?

By the way I have my Avast set to...
'SILENT/GAMING MODE' and as such I don't get any voices or any sounds at all.

  Guardianangel 17:31 11 Aug 10


Thank you but it can update, just much more slowly than before.

I am more concerned about not being able to do a defrag. because of this error and not being able to do a sytem restore to before I re-installed the new Avast.

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