avast issue

  AL47 10:51 16 May 09

just installed avast, but im already thinking of switching back to avg,

windows doesnt report its working, and its interface doesnt seem anywhere neat as avg, tbh, cant really make heads or tails of it

is avg much worse than avast, ive heard rootkit mentioned

  User-1229748 10:54 16 May 09

what operating system and pc are you using?

i tried it a couple of years ago it looked like a 1960's juke box then:) if it's not showing in security center:
Open a command window (Start/Run --> cmd.exe) and run the following

net stop winmgmt
cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem
ren repository repository.old
net start winmgmt

(or alternatively delete it using the command "rd /s repository" instead
of the ren command)

It may take a minute or so to complete while WMI rebuilds the database

  birdface 11:00 16 May 09

AVG does not cover rootkit infections in their free version but I am sure some of your Anti- Spyware programs will.
Like you I am not keen on Avast and will stick with AVG.The only other good free one is Avira which might be worth thinking about.Either that or dig into your pocket for Nod32.I think it is a bit expensive but it is supposed to be the best.

  AL47 11:01 16 May 09

vista premium

ill try that adman2

  AL47 11:04 16 May 09

the security i am using atm

avast, may switch back to avg
windows defender, may switch back to ZA if the freezing issue is fixed
malwarebytes to

  Taff™ 11:07 16 May 09

I use and recommend Avast wholeheartedly. You say that Windows doesn`t report it working - if this is at start up, I have noticed this with some PC`s but a few minutes later if you open Windows Security it will report all is well. I put this down to PC`s that generally have insufficient RAM but not always true.

There are very few settings to do. First set the "Local Discs" to thorough scan and tick the include archive files. Set the Resident Scanner to it`s highest setting and when you are ready to do a scan simply select the discs to be scanned and click the Start button.

Another tip, right click the Avast VRDB icon in the system tray (Blue ball with "i") and select "Generate VRDB When Computer Is Idle".

  Stuartli 11:18 16 May 09

For 99 per cent of the time you will not be aware of Avast! but when it's needed you'll be aware very quickly...:-)

Have you configured Avast! from both the Settings tab in the main panel and the On-Access Protection Control (click on the Notification tray icon)?

  mimosa418 11:48 16 May 09

You can select an alternative skin if you do not like thelook of the interface.
Click on the menu button (top left) and click 'select skin'. You can download a selection of skins from the dialog box that opens.

  woodchip 11:52 16 May 09

I use Avast on several home XP computers without any problems and it works good without all the clutter

  Belatucadrus 13:57 16 May 09

click here for the skins page, or alternatively you can go into Program Settings / Common and deselect the "Enable skins for simple user interface" tickbox.

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