Avast asking me to register- is this necessary?

  bob dob 10 Jul 11

Hi, I am helping a friend with his laptop which seems to have been pre-installed with Avast. It is now asking to register, is this neccesary please? Ps- i use AVG and have to update and scan...am i correct in thinking that with Avast you dont have to manually do any of these?

  Graphicool1 10 Jul 11

The free version of AVAST has to be re-registered every year.

  rdave13 10 Jul 11

As above and it auto updates. I sometimes run a manual scan and a boot-time scan but not very often.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Jul 11

Registering means you are sent a passkey which allows auto updates after the 30 day trial.

It costs nothing and you do not get spammed.

Well worth it for one of the best antivirus progs around

  bob dob 10 Jul 11

Thank you for that. So it scans automatically? Ps- i should start a new thread but i just thought id ask- how do i stop it asking for a password every 15 minutes when untouched?

  bob dob 10 Jul 11

Also, i've registered my email address and Avast says it is now registered....dont i have to 'verify' this in some way?

  onthelimit1 10 Jul 11

Yes, as FB said, you have to copy the passkey that's sent to you and paste it into the popup from Avast.

  bob dob 10 Jul 11

Well that's the thing, no pass key has arrived and Avast says it is registered?

  spuds 10 Jul 11

If there's a spinning globe in the toolbar, then click on that. It should bring Avast summary to view. Click on Maintenance, then Register, and that should state if the product is registered and when the registration is due to expire.

If it state 'unregistered. then register Avast.

If there is no spinning globe in the toolbar, the check to see if its showing as installed in the programmes.

  lotvic 10 Jul 11

There are two different ways to register your details for Avast Free.

"no pass key has arrived and Avast says it is registered"

That would be correct if you have clicked on the 'Register' button in the program. Avast inserts a key for you and you never see it.

However if you clicked on the bottom option for Offline registration and went to the Registration Form on the website then you would be sent a license key via email, that you would have to copy and paste into the box that pops up when you click on 'Insert license key'. Screenshots and info on Avast support website http://tinyurl.com/6kqpglq

As regards the password pop up - are you able to get to this:

Click on globe to open Avast -> then click on 'SETTINGS' button at top right inbetween 'Help Center' and 'Upgrade'

Click on 'Password' in the left column

UNtick 'Protect avast! with a password'. You do not want to set a password as the only way to then get rid of it is to uninstall and then reinstall avast. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=41205.0

  onthelimit1 10 Jul 11

MSE is far simpler!


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