Avast Antivirus On Access Protection Issue

  bremner 11:03 01 Oct 05

I have recently loaded Avast onto my Beta of MS Vista 64 bit.

I am only able to connect to the internet if I turn off the Avast 'On - Access Protection'.

Can anyone who is famililiar with Avast suggest why this is so and how I can remedy the situation.


  johnnyrocker 11:16 01 Oct 05

not familiar with that one but the basic concept of configuration would seem to apply.


  DieSse 11:32 01 Oct 05

"Can anyone who is famililiar with Avast suggest why this is so and how I can remedy the situation."

The Avast people will be the most familiar, and I recommend them as your first port of call in this case.

However, I also think it's quite possible they won't support their product with a ßeta version OS.

  Mikè 11:51 01 Oct 05

Avast do have a support forum click here maybe try there?

  Belatucadrus 11:55 01 Oct 05

click here avast! technical support.

click here avast! forum

click here avast! FAQ answer on webshield problems not knowing anything about Vista firewall or how it can be adjusted, I've no way of knowing if this is applicable

  bremner 12:06 01 Oct 05

Thanks for the links.

The Vista Firewall is the same as XP's and I have it off anyhow.

I will work my way through the links provided and see if I can fix the problem


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