Khufu 10:04 23 Nov 05

I was on the forum yesterday and took the advice of the majority and installed avast antivirus.

I woke up this morning and my computer was completley frozen, couldnt do a thing, not even the task manager would come up, so i reset and the same thing happened.

I now have had no alternative but to restore the operating system in the hope it comes back up.

Can anyone suggest why this happened?? and if reinstalling the OP was the right thing to do??

  Diodorus Siculus 10:12 23 Nov 05

That's bad news, whatever happened.

I may have been one of those who suggested Avast. Did you try safe-mode? Have you already done the system restore?

If it was avast, then maybe try AVG...

  Khufu 10:24 23 Nov 05

I couldnt work out how to run safe mode as nothing was working, so i pressed f10 for recovery and went throught the option of reinsatlling windows(but not factory settings as i have alot of stuff on it!) so hopefully this works!

I'll be gutted if i lose my stuff! the irony of it is almost too funny!! I download it to protect the pc and it ends up killing it!

  Diodorus Siculus 10:26 23 Nov 05

To get into safe-mode, press F5 at startup.

  Khufu 10:32 23 Nov 05

But wont it be to late now if i've restored the OP???

  Diodorus Siculus 10:45 23 Nov 05

Yes, that was for future reference... hope you don't need it again!

  Khufu 10:52 23 Nov 05

I have just tried safe mode, I selected last know good startup or somthing like that, its still the same, its just the egg timer, all my icons are there and everything looks ok???

How do I get this avast off!! its obviousley that thats causing the bother!

  keewaa 10:54 23 Nov 05

That's a strange one .. I haven't heard any stories of antiviruses completely locking up computer, unless a problem is already on the PC.

I've heard many stories of slow performance or problems but totally stopping the computer sounds more like the sort of thing a virus already on the computer would do when it saw an antivirus being installed.

  Khufu 10:58 23 Nov 05

thats what i'm thinking, what if my computer already had a virus, then i installed avast, and it noticed it and locked up the system!?

I'm stuck now, any ideas?? I'm up for anything but factory settings!

  keewaa 11:00 23 Nov 05

If you had an unprotected PC before , then I would go back to factory settings .. if it was me I would do that anyway after backing up all my files etc.

  Khufu 11:06 23 Nov 05

I'm all for the factory settings, but how can back up my pc if its frozen?

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