rdave13 00:29 24 Feb 05

Upgrade now ready for one of the best free antivirus program for us home users. What do you think?

  rdave13 20:05 25 Feb 05


  Alan2 22:24 25 Feb 05

I would agree that Avast is excellent having recently ditched AVG due to its very poor updating and prior to that NAV which was too unwieldy.

Avast's updating is second to none.

I do have one gripe though. Its insistence on checking the opening of any and every application has slowed by PC down a lot but I can't see how to prevent this.

Has anyone got any ideas?

  kinger 23:05 25 Feb 05

Yes, change to PC Cillin', it's the fastest one I've ever used. click here

  Alan2 10:19 26 Feb 05

Following the PC - Cillin option on that link just leads to a blank.

  Belatucadrus 10:43 26 Feb 05

Right click the avast task bar icon, select 'program settings'. In the 'common' window, untick the 'test memory during application startup' option. Should help I think.

  Alan2 18:54 26 Feb 05

Thanks, but it's already un-ticked - as are all the other options on that page.

  Belatucadrus 20:29 26 Feb 05

OK then try right clicking the icon and selecting "on access protection control" then select Standard Shield / Customise / Scanner [Basic]tab and untick "Scan executed programs"

  Alan2 20:39 26 Feb 05

Well done - you got it!

All applications now start normally - thanks for your help.


  tonyx1302 20:47 26 Feb 05

I have just picked up on Alan2 post as I had the same problem. Likewise,after your suggestions my applications now start normally.

Thank you


  Buchan 35 21:55 26 Feb 05

I`ve recently downloaded AVG 7 and A squared and left Avast! 4 . I`ve not noticed any slowing down
and I wouldn`t worry too much about it checking
my applications. I do, after all want it to work. Enjoy it Alan and long may you have a clean computer!!!

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