thumbscrew 08:57 30 Nov 09

I've just installed Avast and noticed that, right clicking files to run a quick virus check,which I could do with Bullguard and still can with Spybot, seems to result in nothing happening...certainly no scan or result. Can anyone advise?

  howard64 08:59 30 Nov 09

double click on the avast icon on the desktop and click on the top right tab to set your drives up then click on the arrow on the right hand side in the middle of the button.

  Belatucadrus 12:27 30 Nov 09

Or right click on the taskbar icon and go to "Program Settings" in the "Common" window, ensure that the last two tickboxes "Show results of explorer extension" & "Show explorer extension icon" are both selected. Click on OK and you should have what you want.

  folsom 14:01 30 Nov 09

Hope you dont mind thumbscrew...can i impinge on your post with a question also about Avast ?

I have just switched from AVG and can't seem to find how to schedule a scan at a time to suit me.....is it possible to do with Avast?.

Thank you

  woodchip 15:11 30 Nov 09

right click the avast icon near clock the settings

  Belatucadrus 15:54 30 Nov 09

Not as it stands, the usual option most people take is to select avast antivirus on the screensaver options, avast! will then run a sequential scan while the screensaver is on.
It is however possible to set an avast disk scan using Windows task scheduler if you want to make the effort.
click here
for a run through.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 30 Nov 09

schedule a scan at a time to suit me.....is it possible to do with Avast?.

Why should you want to? do and initial scan after install and then avast is real time scanning files as you use or download them.

If wish wish to do a scan after an update of the virus signatures then you could also set it to do one one shutdown.

  thumbscrew 19:21 30 Nov 09

Thanks Belatucadrus, ticked both..scanning now. Thanks too howard64, fixed it with Belatucadrus tip, before I got to yours.

  thumbscrew 22:30 30 Nov 09

Hi folsom, hope your part of the post deals with your query. I'll click resolved on my part, but you can still add to it if you need to.

  woodchip 23:07 30 Nov 09

I have Free Avast and can Scan files in Explorer with right click as I can with Mbam

  folsom 22:05 01 Dec 09

Thanks everyone for your answers, since using Avast I have found out lots more that it can do....thanks also to thumbscrew

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