avasoft professional anti virus software

  widdy 29 Mar 13

After loading superantivirus software as reccomended by which, my wifes computer is blocking all attempts at loading programs saying that SAScore.exe is infected and insists that we activate avasoft professional antivirus ant a cost Any ideas, \i can not activate microsoft security essentials to sort it out Help please

  widdy 29 Mar 13
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 29 Mar 13

That site itself looks dodgy

You can trust the removal instruction from bleeping computer description here

Somewhat off topic, but it absolutely defeats me, with so many excellent free and reliable antivirus programs available - AVG, Avast and MSE come to mind - why people install anything else.

  Thankyoumate 29 Mar 13

@Ian in Northampton, cyber crooks infect blogs to distribute Avasoft malware. It's not a real antivirus software and it's not advertised as genuine software either. So, people do not install it knowingly. You can learn more about this malware here and here. Thankfully, it's not a big deal and Malwarebytes takes care of such rogue sec product in a few simple clicks :)

Thankyoumate: I understand. However, the OP seems to have installed it knowingly - or, at least, believing it was genuine antivirus software. I may be wrong.

  widdy 30 Mar 13

Thanks for the advice , As far as I am concerned it worked its way in without my knowledge as I already have AVG and on the recommendation of an article in Which Magazine I loaded Super anti virus etc..., after that it took hold. Bit of a mystery, I am usually very careful

Will follow advice and attempt[ to get rid of it Cheers

  widdy 30 Mar 13

Thanks to all concerned . followed procedure as proposed by Fruit Bat and system now all clear. Thanks again

  AlanPCA 07 Apr 13

The AVASoft virus infected my old tower computer yesterday. It runs on XP with free Avira antivirus. Avira warned me of an infection but could not clear it. After a restart I can no longer open MS Office files, pdfs etc or start Chrome. Whilst I can start IE, AVASoft blocks access to any sites as being "unsafe".

I have tried the 3 fiixes from Thankyoumate's link but these failed (PF8 ignored on startup, activation code box blocks typing, file rename fails). Also, simple System Restore will not open. Have I got a more up-to-date version of this virus that has learned?

Please, can anyone suggest a recent fix that works? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Apr 13


You really should have started your own thread as all email notifications of answers will go to widdy not you.

Look at the link to beeping computers I posted on March 29, 2013 at 1:21PM as this it what cured widdy's problem.

  The Kestrel 07 Apr 13

I am surprised that Which would recommend a software program known to cause problems. Do you think widdy accidently downloaded super antivirus rather than superantispyware (SAS), which many of us on the forum use regularly?


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