AutoRoute 2005

  1936 19:50 27 Jun 05

I have been trying to find out how to change the Location Sensor on AutoRpute 2005 from Latitude/Longitude to Ordnance Survey Grid Reference.
When I could not work out how to do it I attempted to ask Microsoft but obviously their web pages are designed to keep customers as far away as possible.
So, could anyone please tell me what I need to do.

  Klof Ron 20:33 27 Jun 05

In MS autoroute 2004 its done from the edit/find/os grid, might be the same in 2005.

  1936 23:14 27 Jun 05

Maybe I have not made myself clear.
I want to find out how to change the Location Sensor on AutoRoute 2005 from showing Latitude/Longitude to showing the Ordnance Survey Grid Reference that I place my curser on. I know that if I go into Edit then click find and then OS then key in an O. S. grid ref it will find the place but what I want to do is to alter the location sensor so that instead of showing the latitude/longitude it shows the O.S grid reference. Then when I move the sensor I will be able to see what O.S. grid reference I am placing my curser over. I did it a year or so ago but I have forgotten how I did it.

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