Automatically make restore points in XP

  Edbanger 15:30 03 Dec 03

How do you get XP to automatically make restore points?
I can set them manually, but I believe it should create one every day.

The turn off system restore box is not ticked, and the allocated disk space is set at 12%


  johnnyrocker 15:32 03 Dec 03

i believe that may not be enough becase it should as you say do it itself.


  powerless 15:33 03 Dec 03

System Restore creates restore points on a regular basis even if you have not made any changes to the system. System Restore automatically creates these restore points:

every 24 hours of calendar time

every 24 hours your computer is turned on
If your computer is turned off for more than 24 hours, System Restore creates a restore point the next time you start the computer. The computer must be idle for a few minutes before System Restore creates a scheduled restore point.

Selecting a scheduled restore point restores Windows XP Home Edition and programs to the state they were in at that time. Any files with data file name extensions (such as .doc, .htm, .xls, etc.) and all files in the My Documents folder are not restored.

Help and Support - "Understanding System Restore"

  keenan 15:45 03 Dec 03

XP automatically creates a restore point at least 1x a day when your PC is idle (sometimes
as early as 5 AM) BUT (here’s the key point) your PC has to be turned on & be active
for AT LEAST a 24 hr period (and NOT on hibernation). In other words, if you turn your PC off at night or it goes into hibernation, it
will NOT create a restore point. Therefore, before you turn your PC off, suggest manually create one if you feel you need to.

  keenan 15:47 03 Dec 03

Looks like i,m abit slow!

  rawprawn 15:48 03 Dec 03

You can create an Icon on your desktop, which when clicked will instantly force a check point. I have one but I think it was a small program included on a cd with a PC advisor magazine & I don't know the registry setting for it. Maybe somebody ouy there does?

  Edbanger 15:49 03 Dec 03

Why I ask is,yesterday morning I looked to see how many restore points I had, but none were shown.
When I tried to look at November it did not move back.

My computer is not making any restore points as it should do.


  Edbanger 15:56 03 Dec 03

I did not know the computer had to be turned on for a full 24 hours.

That's what the problem must be, mine's never on for a full day.

Thanks for the help.


  johnnyrocker 15:56 03 Dec 03

have a word with the vendor? before you get a more serious issue?


  Edbanger 16:20 03 Dec 03

What do you mean by this?


have a word with the vendor? before you get a more serious issue?

  christmascracker 16:45 03 Dec 03

My pc is switched on at 7 in the morning and usually turned off at around 11 at night.

Not on for a "full 24hrs" as you say but a restore point is created automatically usually every day

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