Automatically deepen cell if Wrap Text is applied?

  TonyV 13:45 15 Oct 08

In Excel 2000, how do I ensure that when Wrap Text is called for in formatting, the cell/s automatically deepen to accept the wrapped text?



  VoG II 13:49 15 Oct 08

It does that for me automatically.

  Rahere 13:54 15 Oct 08

Format>Cells>alignment> tick wrap text

  TonyV 13:55 15 Oct 08

Yes, I thought that would be the case with mine but unfortunately that is not the case and I have to adjust the depth myself. A wee bit annoying. I have tried the Alt + Enter, but that doesn't do what I want either. I'll have a look and see if there is some other quirky formatting involved or maybe a security setting needs adjusting.



  TonyV 13:56 15 Oct 08

That was the point of my question. I have that done, but it fails to do what it says!


  TonyV 14:04 15 Oct 08

I have looked at everything, and can see no reason for the refusal. The sheet is not Locked or protected, Text Wrap is checked, Alignment is Horizontal/General and Vertical/Bottom. I can't see what else I should be doing!


  Rahere 14:09 15 Oct 08

Hmm can you try it on a fresh worksheet to see if it's just that file?

  VoG II 14:16 15 Oct 08

Is the cell merged?

  TonyV 14:42 15 Oct 08

I actually just tried a new Workbook and copied the first sheet of the old one to it and it worked fine! However, when I then copied the 2nd sheet over, because I had adjusted the the depths manually, it made a real bitches breakfast of it and I could not get back to the default setting of 12.75 pixels depth. I am about to try another way and see if I can do it by changing all the old 2nd. sheet cells to 12.75 pixels and see if that will do it.

Unless, of course, you can tell me something different!!


  jaraba 14:43 15 Oct 08

Try adjusting the row height to automatic.

  jaraba 14:45 15 Oct 08


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