Automatic unwanted internet connection

  Joseph-195335 16:48 25 Jul 04

After my PC was infected by lots of adware and spyware, I used Search and Destroy, NoAdware and Ad-aware to attempt to be rid of the pests. However, when I am not online and using my PC now, it periodically (every 20 seconds or so) attempts to connect to the internet, but not to redirect my browser. It appears to have no adverse effect upon the performance of the system, I was simply wondering if this is generally symptomatic of the legacy of any deleted programs, meaning that I will have to adjust some settings, or if Noadware etc. have missed something while cleaning the hard drive, in which case I'll have to get another clean-up program. Either way, has anyone any ideas? I'm running XP.

  Joseph-195335 16:51 25 Jul 04

Sorry, I should have mentioned that it is my normal Tiscali account it tries to dial, not any premium rate number.

  Stuartli 17:04 25 Jul 04

If it's nothing sinister such as a dialer, then you may well have one or more of your programs attempting to update automatically.

Check IE's Tools>Internet Options>Connection tab to see if Always Dial My Default Connection is enabled and not Dial whenever a Network Connection is not present.

  Graham ® 17:10 25 Jul 04

I seem to remember NoAdware being on a list of scam programs.

  Graham ® 17:22 25 Jul 04

Yes it is! click here

  Stuartli 17:26 25 Jul 04

This may prove of interest even though the official NoAdaware website appears genuine...:

click here

  Stuartli 17:27 25 Jul 04
  Joseph-195335 17:32 25 Jul 04

Oops! It was recommended to me on good faith too. Ah well, thanks for everybody's help.

  Stuartli 17:49 25 Jul 04

Your link unfortunately doesn't work, even with an Open in New Window.

  Graham ® 19:13 25 Jul 04

I've had problems with links today. Just tried it, it works fine now.

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