Automatic saving of office documents

  Sparky 77777 15:56 21 Aug 03

My kids are just starting to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc for their homework and projects and I want to set up a situation whereby the documents they are working on are automatically saved. Any ideas?

  xania 16:23 21 Aug 03

Word has an automatic backup. <Tools><Options>, then the <Save> tab. Set the autorecovery to every 5 minutes, or less.

Unfortunately, Bill has not seen fit to include this wonderful feature in any other Office products, so you can't do this in Powerpoint or Excel. Typical - ain't it!

  Taff36 17:04 21 Aug 03

NOT TRUE - In Excel TOOLS > OTIONS . SAVE tab Tick autorecover and select your time.

IN Office XP and I recall in Office 97 too.

  Taff36 17:11 21 Aug 03

Just Checked - Office 97 Powerpoint - guess what?

TOOLS > OPTIONS > SAVE tab Tick autorecover and select your time.

Just for information Access seems to save everything as soon as you press your enter key. Does anyone know if that is an automatic autorecover?

Looks like Bill done OK on this one as long as you know where to find it!

  xania 21:09 21 Aug 03

Well, well. You learn something new all the time. Well done, Taff36. Powerpoint does indeed have this feature. Access, of course, does not need it, as data is automatically permanently changed as it is entered.

However, I have checked my Excel (0ffice 2000) and guess what - its not there - there's no <Save> tab; only Transition, Custom Lists, Chart, Colour, View, Calculation, Edit and General. So, if it was in 97, and it is in XP.... Bill seems to have been a little selective in his offerings. I'll have to check out for patches.

  krypt1c 21:26 21 Aug 03

Xania, you need to install an add-in to get the autosave feature. Go into help in xcel and key auto - K

  xania 09:12 22 Aug 03


Thanks - I'll do that.

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