Automatic Filenames

  RE1772 19:47 08 Aug 06

I save a lot of documents daily and have created a simple system of arranging these documents by creating a filename that starts with the numerical date backwards "YYMMDD" for eg 060808-mydocument.doc - This ensures that they are listed not by the modified date, but the creation date. Does anyone know if there is a program out there that will do this automatically for any windows program? (I dont just use MS Office) - Many thanks

  silverous 21:56 08 Aug 06

Haven't heard anything but if you store them all in 'known' areas you could write a batch file/vbscript and either run it manually or schedule it to rename them all.

  RE1772 16:21 09 Aug 06

I dont think i'm clever enough to do that - i was hoping for something that automatically added the date when i click the 'save as' button in an application

  Rigga 16:24 09 Aug 06

If you want to sort files on created date, add created date to the shown attributes, and sort on it?


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