The automatic download from the Microsoft updates

The automatic downloading from the Microsoft
updates page will not work for me, I receive instead an error number of 0x80244001
Can anybody help in finding out what this means and more importantly what to do to remedy the error.
Trying to pin down this error number on the microsoft site drive me nuts.
fingers crossed,

  AndySD 17:24 15 Feb 05

Does click here help?

  oldone 02:59 16 Feb 05

Try this...Go to Start --> Run and then type:

regsvr32 Msxml3.dll Click ok.

Try again for updates.

  ve3ofa 07:36 16 Feb 05

What I had done was disable all of the active x controls in Windows XP SP2 Internet Explorer. Re-enableing the correct one fixed the problem.. BTW automatic updates works in the background. The only possible place that you might see that error message is in your event log.

I think you are actually referring to 'Windows update' in Internet Explorer. If it is actually 'automatic updates' not 'windows update' please repost your question as it may have to do with services you may have disabled.

  patsyanne 08:07 16 Feb 05

I just recieved the xp2 disc and now i am getting automatic updates before i couldnt get them either i was getting error and a all those numbers !

  dazza39 11:13 16 Feb 05

I had a similar problem with the latest patches for SP2,i had automatic updates on,but i had to downlaod manually??.

I have typed in the run box regsvrMsxml3.dll
but it tell me it cannot find this file. and I dont know where to browse in to find it . I have enabled all my active x controls.
I am running out ideas af what to try next.
By the way this has only happened since the last download of sp2 patches.
Still Perplexed.

If you look again at the post from oldone you will notice you have missed out 32 and a space.Could make a difference.

Retyped the regvsr32 Msxnl3.dll in the Run box ,this produced the loading library could not open the file and the file Msxnl3 could not be found.
Perhaps this file has become corrupted,if so is there any way of correcting this file.
More thoughts on this would be welcome.

  VoG II 18:20 16 Feb 05

I saw the download site for the Msxml3.dll file.
As I am not a computer buff can you tell me if it is safe once down loaded to open it or can it cause any problems.
where is the best place to store the file on the computer, amongst my documents,or on the C drive section.
Basically I dont know what to expect once it has been opened, could there be any nasty suprises.,should I take any precautions before I do open the file?

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