Automatic backup

  wobbler 11:14 19 Feb 09

I have got into the habit of storing all files and folders in the "my douments" folder, and this is backed up each night to an external hdd. Thus includes videos, music, outlook and downloaded programs. However i wish to go one step further and automatically backup this folder each time I add or amend anything in it. Any suggestions?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 19 Feb 09

Acronis is the way forward click here It will backup incrementally after doing a full drive backup. You can buy copies for less than £20.


  mgmcc 12:58 19 Feb 09

As an alternative to a backup program, you could use a "synchronisation" program to run in the background and keep the files in your "My Documents" folder sync'd with the external drive. Have a look at AllwaySync click here

I use this to keep my files sync'd between computers and an external drive, in addition to using Acronis for complete computer backups.

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