Auto Sign In PCA ?

  Input Overload 17:10 06 Feb 12

A while ago a small script was posted on here that auto signed you in to PCA & to the desired forum. I know you can do this by retaining cookies, but I'm one of these people that delete cookies each day. Anyone know how to do this? Info was added to your bookmark & it required adding your email & password to it?

  Batch 18:13 06 Feb 12

I use:

You then just have to click the LOGIN button to submit the form (unlike on the old website which put you all the way through)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:20 06 Feb 12

Doesn't work with the new site you will need to retain the PCA cookie

What are you using to clear cookies?

In CCleaner you can put the PCA cookie into cookie to keep section. any in this section are kept all others are deleted.

  Input Overload 18:24 06 Feb 12

CCleaner, I'll save the cookie, thanks for help... :-)

  birdface 18:35 06 Feb 12

If using Firefox use Security saved passwords.

You still need to sign in but just a matter of clicking on e-mail when you sign in and your e-mail and password should show automatically.

  Batch 21:02 06 Feb 12

Using a link using the URL format I've shown currently works fine in the way I've said with both IE7 & Google Chrome


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