Auto run option gone

  amyjen7 11:57 27 Jan 08

Hi,since installing Boots view, share and print photos when loading anything from disk I am presented with Boots own program displaying my computer records and no longer am I greeted with Windows Options or will the disk run automatically. How do I rid my self of this problem. Many thanks

Kind regards


  skidzy 12:00 27 Jan 08
  brundle 12:16 27 Jan 08

Right click the magnifying glass icon near your clock (bottom right), tick `Disable Autolaunch` and optionally untick `Run on Startup`.

  amyjen7 14:00 27 Jan 08

I have followed the instructions of skidzy to click on the magnifying glass Icon,Disable Auto launch and unticked Run on Startup. Disks will now run automatically but unfortunately I have a number of family DVDs produced with Pinnacle. Before all this I inserted the disk and Windows Option would present its self. I now get get the display of of "Pinnacle System and the files on the disk and its from this the DVD can be launched. How do I get the Windows option screen back? On top of this my Sony DVD Rom does not work now so I have to use my second DVD RW. Strange!!! Hope you are able to help.

Thank you



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