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  Madpad_001 16:35 07 May 05


Is there a easy way of automatically redirecting some one from one site to another??

Meaning I have a site click here and for work reasons it is now moved to click here but some people still go to the old site.So i want to automatically redirect them to the new site without them clicking any buttons. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help in advance.

  Eric10 17:12 07 May 05

Use the following meta tag inside the head section of the page to redirect from.

<meta http-equiv=refresh content="5;url=http://";> I've put a space after // in the hope that it won't change into a "click here" so you will need to remove this.

Note: The number "5" allows a 5 second delay before redirecting. Alter this number to suit. "0" will give immediate redirection although there will be a delay while the browser loads the new page. It is also helpful to provide a clickable link on the page with an explanation of what is happening.

  Madpad_001 17:23 07 May 05

Thanks that is brill

  number21online 18:13 07 May 05

I discovered the meta tag works in IE but not all browsers so include the folowing script as well. The 2000 is 2 seconds (the time delay is in miliseconds) 5 seconds would be 5000.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

<!-- begin
window.setTimeout('window.location="your web address"; ',2000); /// end -->


  Madpad_001 17:24 09 May 05

Thanks as well

  g0slp 10:39 31 Oct 05

For my use later!

  harristweed 11:03 31 Oct 05

the following will work in all browsers

header("Location: http: // click here .com/");

Save the above code as index.php and thats it!!!

(again remove the spaces from the url)

  ade.h 19:31 31 Oct 05

I was going to ask this soon; good timing!

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