Auto Photo Resize when sending mail windows xp

  Jarvo 14:20 07 Aug 03

I seem to have lost the option to resize photos, when selecting images in my photos folder and cliking on the e-mail this file option on the left hand pain. I canot find any way of turning this function back on any ideas?

  graham√ 14:53 07 Aug 03

The arrow at the side of 'Folder tasks' will reveal it.

  graham√ 14:55 07 Aug 03

Sorry, that's not it!

  graham√ 15:21 07 Aug 03

The resize option may only be available to certain file types, eg jpeg. Just tried with a Picture it! file, and it didn't want to know.

  bruno 15:34 07 Aug 03

I have just been looking on my xp pro to see if I could help,but there is no choice on mine either.However,I highlighted a photo and checked its size in properties.It was 375kb.I then clicked on send by e mail and it reduced itself to 275kb.The pic in question as saved in jpeg.I'll keep looking to find out what is happening.

  User-312386 15:39 07 Aug 03

microsoft picture manager, then right click on the file, select "open with", then choose programme, then look down the list for microsoft picture manager, slect that and then open the file.

Now click on "edit pictures" then select "compress pictures" now click on the "e-mail messages" radio button then select OK

This will now compress even a .JPEG file

  Lionheart? 16:06 07 Aug 03

Have you tried right clicking photo to be sent, a popup box appears, go to send to, select mail
recipient another popup box appears asking if you want the picture made smaller.

Have just tried this myself.

  bruno 20:47 07 Aug 03

I tried this as Lionheart describes and I did not get the second pop up box asking if I wanted to make it smaller.But on checking the size it had reduced by about 100kb.It all seems atomatic on mine.

  bvw in bristol 20:58 07 Aug 03

Image Resizer
This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.

click here

  Jarvo 20:57 11 Aug 03

Many thanks to you all problem solved
After many hours of fidling and a hard drive format(needed doing anyway) traced problem to photostrop 7 if the program is custom instaled and jpeg files are ticked in the file assosiations the photo resize option of xp will not work if un installed and reinstaled not ticking jpeg all is ok. hope this will help other people with the same problem.

Many thanks

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