Auto log on for Virgin broadband

  o44wen 18:41 24 Jul 05


I was wondering if it was possible for me to set up my internet connect to auto log on when i switch my PC on.

I am connected to Virgin Broadband via USB modem.

  ashdav 21:46 24 Jul 05

do you have a desktop shortcut to start the connection? If so, move it to the startup (all users) folder. Start/all programs/right click on startup/open all users

  Stuartli 10:00 25 Jul 05

I'm with Tiscali - if I have switched on the system or perhaps temporarily disconnected BB, opening either Thunderbird or Firefox initiates an automatic connection to the Tiscali service.

  o44wen 15:44 25 Jul 05

thanks very much.
Works a treat.

@Stuartli - thanks but not what i was looking for, i already have a shortcut to BB on my desktop i was just wanting it to loads automatically every time i switch on my PC

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