Auto internet connection

  pickle factory 10:50 07 Jan 06

Hello folks. Could anyone give me any suggestions on how I can get my broadband modem to connect automatically to my ISP on start up. What I mean is, the synchronisation happens on boot, but I don't get connected to my ISP until I open my web browser, which takes a little time. Its only petty, but I'd like it to connect as soon as I switch on. Can I do that? I have a Conexant Access Runner ADSL PCI modem running on XP Pro. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:38 07 Jan 06

Drag the internet explorer icon into the startup folder on the start menu.

  pickle factory 13:55 07 Jan 06

Thanks Fruit Bat, I've done that, but is that the only way? I know I'm just being picky, but I'd like it connect sort of in the background so it is ready for when/if I need it. I don't always use the web whenever I'm on my pc. Does it need a browser or Outlook to establish the connection? Can it not do it independently?

  Minkey1 15:17 07 Jan 06


Don't know if my ramblings help, but when I used a USB modem (equivalent I guess to your PCI version) the connection would be lost when I shut down the PC, and would need to re-connect when I powered up.

I now use a wireless router so irrespective of the PC, it is always powered up and shows a DSL connection. Either way, the pair of blue screens by the clock would show a live internet connection when the PC is on, and opening the browser would confirm this. In other words, the connection should automatically be made but some sort of browser needs to be open to make use of it.

I wonder why simply clicking on your browser takes time ? Mine is instant. If there was a way to automate starting up IE or Firefox or whatever, is this what you want ? The connection should already be there for use if needed.

If it isn't, is there a modem setting you can access ?


  pickle factory 15:25 07 Jan 06

I'm just being super picky really, when I say it takes time, it's probably about 3-5 secs. It just irritates me is all. It is due to being an internal modem that has to disconnect when the pc is shut down, it would be nice if I could get it to reconnect without me having to wait, but I think I'd better just shut up and get used to it. Fruit Bats suggestion is, at least, an improvement. Thanks all.

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