Auto disconnect not working!

  sawest 09:51 02 Nov 05

Hi can anyone advise on this problem I've been experiencing with a PC running WinXP Home (SP2)?

Since changing from BT dial-up to BT Broadband, Auto disconnect no longer functions! The settings for 'Disconnect if Idle....' & 'Disconnect if connection no longer required' are checked correctly & I've tried de-selecting the settings, re-starting the PC & reselecting the settings but to no avail! The PC does not prompt to disconnect the connection following closure of OE or IE. I've also checked the task manager for other app's that may be using the connection, but there are none. The connection sits idle in the system tray!

OK, I can disconnect by right clicking the connection etc., but this is annoying and I would like Auto Disconnect to work as it should!

I presume that there is some sort of corruption in the registry - hence no difference when the settings are changed!

Is anyone aware of a reistry fix for this issue?



  Jackcoms 09:55 02 Nov 05

It's a BB (always on) connection. Thus it will not auto disconnect.

As you say, you have to disconnect by right-clicking the connection or the 2 flashing monitors icon in the task bar.

  sawest 10:43 02 Nov 05


True, it is BB & 'supposedly' always-on, but I think those that have capped services & those that are idle timedout by their ISP would disagree.

The BB connection still uses a basic DUN connection and therefore DUN settings should still apply, i.e. Auto Disconnect should prompt you for a response on exiting OE/IE etc.

Thanks anyway.

  Jackcoms 10:57 02 Nov 05

Try this click here

  sawest 11:03 02 Nov 05


Thanks for link, although as I said, I have tried changing the settings already - checked restarted - unchecked restarted - then checked restarted.

I know where the settings are, it just seems that the registry wont accept the changes! ???????????

  sawest 11:56 02 Nov 05

Anyone else got any suggestions?

  DieSse 12:08 02 Nov 05

I would doubt if the BT *pseudo-dialer* uses the regular DUN connections - that's probably the trouble.

Ask their support if they support *disconnect when no longer needed in their *dialer*.

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