Auto dating cells

  osben 15:43 04 Jun 06

I want to be able to type a date in on cell and then drag across a number of cells to automatically put the sequential dates in the following cells.

I know haw to do this if if it was just to fill in each day but I want to put the date of a Monday and then auto infill the following cells with each following Monday's date.

eg date cell 1a with 5/06/2006 and then drag across the page to infill the next cell with 12/06/2006 and the next cell with 19/06/2006 and so on.

Is this possible or am I asking to much of Excel XP pro 2002

Any help would be apreciated.


  Noldi 15:47 04 Jun 06

Enter in BI


Then drag across

  Noldi 15:48 04 Jun 06

Sorry not my day

  Flying Teddy 18:05 04 Jun 06

..although Noldi's method might be better:

type in the first two dates in the first two cells, highlight them both and drag the 'expand' dot across. This only differs from Noldi's method by the way in which the second cell is populated.

  osben 18:15 04 Jun 06

Hi Guys

Many thanks for your help.


  Simsy 18:16 04 Jun 06

but depending on how you enter the first date you might have problems...

If you tyyoe in, for the first date;

Monday 5th June 2006

Excel wii see this as text, and not be able to addd 7 to it...

instead type in;

5 June 2006

which Excel will recognise as a date, and so be able to add to it, and format accordingly.

Good luck,



  Noldi 18:20 04 Jun 06

also you change the Date in A1 and the rest follow suit across the range not just the second cell.

What you are asking Excel to do is standard Formating.

As Flying Teddy explained that is a quick way of repeating it across a range but not the quickest way if you need to modify the information.

If you need to give information of what day of the week A1 refers to enter in a cell, eg B1:-


  Noldi 18:24 04 Jun 06

Sorry that should read =Text(A1,"ddd").
Its Sunday I had a bit of a late one yesterday.

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