Auot sign in with MS Messenger

  Fatbelly 08:28 21 Jan 03
  Fatbelly 08:28 21 Jan 03

Hi all,

I run MS messenger on my Win XP home PC.
in the past whenever I start Windows thenthe Messenger service autologs on, this now does not happen and i have to log on manually.

I did a restore to earlier date on sunday but only to the previous Thursday so I would have thought this would not have affected things.

Any clues???

PS I have looked under tools > options > and ticked the box saying "start this program when windows starts" but it will still not "auto" sign in.

Regards to all from Fatbelly

  Fatbelly 08:33 21 Jan 03

By the way folks I have to go to that horrible place called work soon, so I won't be able to check back untill Tonight

Thanks again Fatbelly

  hgrock 10:17 21 Jan 03

did you download the latest MSN messenger, if so you have two of them MSN & the original Hotmail, so because you have two of them it would not log on automatically, you will have to fill in the blanks to sign on. get rid of the MSN one. go to msconfig and uncheck it, use only the XP one which is the hotmail one i think

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:06 21 Jan 03

You need to put username and password in tool/options/accounts then goto the general tab
and tickthe box that says sign in automatically when connected to net.


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