audio static

  stephen0205 18:11 01 Dec 05

hey does anyone know what software i need to get rid of static in the back ground of recoreings, i have a mic for my pc and i record things like music of a tape so i can put it onto cd and i get static it is the smae when i talk into it is there and software that i can repove it thanks

  amonra 20:24 01 Dec 05

Are you trying to record from the mic ?? Hope not.

  stephen0205 22:41 01 Dec 05

yes why

  amonra 09:05 02 Dec 05

This is NOT the route to go down.
Check on the back of your CD player for a headphone socket or aux out socket, and buy a lead to connect into the input socket of your sound card. This way will avoid all extraneous sound pickup and you can adjust the level of the sound to avoid overloading the soundcard input. The type of lead you require is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm available from most computer stores quite cheaply. Hope this helps.

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